Our Services

PCWizrd strives to bring you the best in industry standards and security by partnering with premium service providers in North America. Our packages are designed to be a 24/7 monthly subscription to keep your infrastructure safe and your staff trained. As services evolve, so does PCWizrd and our offerings. Your monthly subscription ensures you're always up to date and safe.

By signing up with our team you'll receive the following services:

  • Managed Windows Updates - only receive the patches which matter to your systems after they have been tested. Prevent downtime due to a bad patch or the dreaded "I turned my computer on and now I have to wait for Windows Updates to finish."
  • 3rd party software updates - we scan the software you have installed and make sure it's always licensed, secure and up to date. If a patch is available, we'll make sure your system receives it without you needing to do anything other than leave your workstation online.
  • Security Software Subscription - our antivirus solution of choice is Bitdefender. We'll monitor and resolve threats as they happen without you needing to worry.
  • Hardware maintenance - our solution tracks the overall health of your workstations. We can help identify failing components or if your system needs to be upgraded to suit your needs in real time
  • Single Sign-On Passwords - we've partnered with JumpCloud to provide you with a single password for your workstation, emails and other services. You can use this to logon to your various workstations and have access to the same data at all locations
  • Password Manager - we've partnered with BitWarden to provide you with a secure, encrypted password manager. By using a password manager you no longer have to remember or write down all the complicated passwords you use. We also audit your passwords for reuse or breaches, you should never reuse a password and now you don't have to!
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - we will help setup and train you on how to use MFA to secure your services. A password is great but if you share it with someone it's not longer secure. MFA means; to be able to access your service you'd use your username, password and MFA key. So a malicious user would need all of these to access your most critical information.
  • Canadian Cloud Backups - your data is the most important part of your computer. What happens when your data is lost, corrupted, encrypted by ransomware, simply missing? Without a backup solution that data is gone forever. We've partnered with Canadian Cloud providers to keep your data safe! Every day your data is backed up and stored in an encrypted cloud in Canada. In the event we need to restore it, just contact us and we'll handle the rest.
  • Canadian Cloud Storage - similar to Dropbox, we've partnered with Canadian Cloud Storage provider Sync.com to provide you with all the storage you could need when you need it. Easiest way to share files among your teams and friends is to send them a share link to your files via email and Sync.com handles the rest.
  • Spam Filtering - we've partnered with ZEROSPAM to scan and block spam email before it hits your mailbox. Stop phishing scams before they poss a threat to your organization.
  • Microsoft Office 365 - we include licenses for Business Essentials, providing you with secure email and the Microsoft Office cloud suite of software such as Outlook | Word | Excel. Upgrades to Business Premium with install-able versions of Outlook | Word | Excel are available.
  • Local Administrator Lockouts - we've partnered with AutoElevate to protect your system from local attacks. Standard practices is for your users to be local accounts without administrative rights. This prevents elevation of malicious software on your system. When a software needs admin elevation, PCWizrd will be notified and can either approve or deny this request while maintaining an audit log. Stop threats in their tracks and help users learn to be more secure at the same time.