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    Work from home, stay safe. PCWizrd can help you remotely with all your support requests.

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About Us

PCWizrd is Halifax's award winning IT consulting team. Recognized for many accomplishments by Small and Medium Business for helping them get the best in industry products, security and services since 2014. Our focus is making sure your IT doesn't stop your business from being profitable and stable. We work behind the scenes to keep your equipment running, your staff trained and your information safe. PCWizrd has worked with companies all over Canada and the USA helping them keep their equipment running as smoothly as possible. We're here to help you achieve your goals, please ask us, we've got a solution.
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Managed IT Services

What is MSP (Managed Service Provider)? The term MSP (Managed Service Provider) refers to any IT company that provides day-to-day related IT management services to its clients. MSPs work on pay as you go pricing model, i.e., on a per-device, per-user and all-inclusive pricing for their...

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Cyber Security

You’ve heard of ransomware and breached data all over the world. Are you sure you’re business is ready for when these threats come knocking on your door? Our team of highly trained professionals can help you prepare for these threats with training, breach testing and response planning. Don’t l...

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Backup & Recovery

Do you have a trusted backup solution in place? When was the last time you tested it? Human error accounts for over 80% of deleted files, have a current backup to recover from! PCWizrd supports the 3-2-1 backup policy that is Industry Standard. We'll help you setup to prevent failure...

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