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5 things you can do today to make Zooming safer

03.04.20 12:37 PM By Scott Pettie - Comment(s)

1. Patch early, patch often

Zoom’s own CEO just wrote a blog post announcing a “feature freeze” in the product so that the company can focus on security issues instead. It’s much easier to do that if you aren’t adding new code at the same time. Why not get into the habit of checking you’re up-to-dat...

How to Secure Your Zoom Meetings

01.04.20 09:25 AM By Scott Pettie - Comment(s)

Privacy considerations when using Zoom

Before we get into learning how to use Zoom, it is important to consider the privacy ramifications of participating in Zoom meetings. One of the most important things to remember is that a Host can record a Zoom session, including the video and audio, to their ...