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5 things you can do today to make Zooming safer

03.04.20 12:37 PM By Scott Pettie - Comment(s)

1. Patch early, patch often

Zoom’s own CEO just wrote a blog post announcing a “feature freeze” in the product so that the company can focus on security issues instead. It’s much easier to do that if you aren’t adding new code at the same time. Why not get into the habit of checking you’re up-to-dat...

Information Security

17.01.20 09:12 PM By Scott Pettie - Comment(s)

You've heard of ransomware and breached data all over the world. Are you sure you're business is ready for when these threats come knocking on your door? Our team of highly trained professionals can help you prepare for these threats with training, breach testing and response planning. Don't let you...