How to Secure Your Zoom Meetings

04.04.20 01:37 PM By Scott Pettie - Comment(s)
Privacy considerations when using Zoom

Before we get into learning how to use Zoom, it is important to consider the privacy ramifications of participating in Zoom meetings.

One of the most important things to remember is that a Host can record a Zoom session, including the video and audio, to their c...

Managed IT Services

04.04.20 01:07 PM By Scott Pettie - Comment(s)
Your business is important and to keep it running you need a trusted IT team keeping your equipment running smoothly.

Cyber Security

04.04.20 01:01 PM By Scott Pettie - Comment(s)
You’ve heard of ransomware and breached data all over the world. Are you sure you’re business is ready for when these threats come knocking on your door?

Disaster Recovery & Backup

04.04.20 01:00 PM By Scott Pettie - Comment(s)
Do you have a trusted backup solution in place? When was the last time you tested it? Human error accounts for over 80% of deleted files, have a current backup to recover from!