Covid Alert app on Android - It May Not Be Checking

25.11.20 11:48 AM By Scott Pettie - Comment(s)

We have heard reports Android Covid Alert App being inconsistent on it checking for exposures and people not sure how to get it working again.

We just wanted to let everyone know the workaround at least until the actual developers fix it.

  1. Check and see if it's working at all: Go to Settings\Google\Co...

3 tips from NIST to keep your passwords secure

01.09.20 03:41 PM By Scott Pettie - Comment(s)

Our daily lives take place increasingly online. That brings a need to create and maintain dozens, if not hundreds of online accounts, each with logins and passwords.

At the same time, we routinely hear about data breaches, and unfortunately they show few signs o...

How to Use Windows 10 to Stay Focused While Working From Home

06.04.20 02:30 PM By Scott Pettie - Comment(s)

Windows 10

So there you are, working from home but you can't help noticing notification alerts popping up on your desktop and the Windows 10 Action Center. Should you open them or focus on the work that you need to get done?

The good news is that your Windows 10 device boasts a feature that can help you co...

How to Secure Your Zoom Meetings

04.04.20 01:37 PM By Scott Pettie - Comment(s)
Privacy considerations when using Zoom

Before we get into learning how to use Zoom, it is important to consider the privacy ramifications of participating in Zoom meetings.

One of the most important things to remember is that a Host can record a Zoom session, including the video and audio, to their c...