What is "PCW PRORATED" & How Does it Differ from "PCW Home Care"?

PCW Home Care is a recurring residential computer cleanup and maintenance service designed to monitor the health of a computer, keep Windows up to date, reduce wasted space, secure the PC with an antivirus, and backup the data where applicable.

PCW PRORATED builds onto this basic offering by orders of magnitude. To start, the PCW PRORATED service is designed to completely replace a business’s need for any in-house IT staff, while providing better maintenance, better security, less downtime, AND being drastically more affordable than having full-time IT employees.

Q: “How can PCW PRORATED be better than in-house IT, AND be more affordable?” A: Our PCW PRORATED plan provides:

Prevention enhancements – patching and securing the systems

Real-time monitoring – our remote management and monitoring tools

Operations hardening – reviewing processes and data, then making changes to protect the system

Remediation – fixing any issues that arise, whether they’re technology failures or human-caused incidents

Awareness testing – testing your staff members at random to ensure their techno savvy is well retained

Threat mitigation – dealing with any issues that threaten your IT infrastructure

Education – getting your staff members the information they need to prevent catastrophic accidents

Data backup and imaging – ensuring your data is backed up to multiple locations


For far less than the cost of a full time in-house IT staff, businesses we support receive a team of PCWizrd Computer Experts, 24/7 monitoring, help desk style support, all of our monitoring tools, enterprise-grade next-gen antivirus, operational improvements, local and cloud backup services, security enhancements, threat hunting, user training and awareness testing, included service hours, and of course our 5-STAR custom-tailored computer services. Keep in mind, having an in-house IT staff doesn’t include the cost of the myriad of tools necessary to properly secure a business’s IT infrastructure!

Our PCW PRORATED plan is designed to be affordable for every business, and with our expertise, your infrastructure is in the right hands. Unlike other IT Providers, we believe in 100% transparency. Click below to receive our brochure, we’ll show you a little of what to expect, and we’ll show you a behind-the-scenes look at how we keep our business operating with lean-oriented processes to maximize our efficiency and minimize your computer woes.