Technology Compliance

Together, we will design a strategy that fits your environment, objectives, and budget—building on your strengths and eliminating vulnerabilities.

Technology Compliance

Verification and documentation to protect your business.

  • Meet province and industry compliance standards
  • Uncover and remediate vulnerabilities
  • Minimize the impact of non-compliance


Avoid Penalties, Lost Production, and Damaged Reputation

Compliance regulations, while tedious, are necessary to avoid breaches—and the losses that come with them. An increasing number of companies across multiple industries are required to adhere to security requirements and privacy rules, including PCI, HIPAA, and NIST.


We Stress About Compliance so You Don’t Have To

Navigate the confusing and complex compliance process with the help of enterprise-level advisors specializing in PCI, HIPAA, and NIST regulations and standards. Our team assesses your vulnerability and stays current with changing requirements so you can manage business priorities without worrying about data breaches.


Put Compliance in the Hands of Specialists

Our team helps you achieve and maintain compliance with:

  • Quarterly scans of your environment to determine any regulatory outpoints
  • Clear and concise reports detailing compliance failures and how to remediate
  • Virtual CIO consulting to help you understand your vulnerabilities and prioritize your next steps
  • Assistance developing a plan toward complete compliance

See how PCWizrd goes beyond the typical managed service provider.

Stay compliant with government, banking, and regulatory agencies.

Maintain a secure environment for your business.

Rest assured: You’re backed by a team of specialists, experts in the regulations you need to follow.

PCWizrd is Your Technology Partner

Free up your time to focus on strategic initiatives and let us improve the efficiency, security, and reliability of your network environment. Your dedicated PCWizrd Virtual CIO and Network Administrator act as strategic technology partners, working with your existing IT resources and company leadership to implement and maintain IT best practices, helping ensure your technology is safe, secure, and scalable.

Training Your Team

As your environment is being configured, your personal Network Administrator will train end-users. Security and best practices are continuously reinforced, with ongoing adjustments to ensure your business is always in alignment with the most up-to-date standards. Your Network Administrator also implements and maintains system deliverables and technical standards across your organization.

Proactive Support

Our team monitors your network all day, every day to identify risks, improve performance, and conduct regular preventative maintenance. We also manage patch, operating system, and security updates. With automated triggers, alert prioritization, and fast incident response, we keep your systems, devices, and business up and running.

Your Extended Team

Your PCWizrd advisors act as an extension of your team. In addition to a team specializing in security and privacy rules of various regulatory agencies, you’ll work with a Virtual CIO. This C-level expert will help you understand your vulnerabilities and develop a plan to achieve compliance.

Dark Web Monitoring

Our team performs an initial scan of more than 600,000 websites to determine if your company’s credentials, such as usernames and passwords, are exposed. We help remediate any issues and perform ongoing scans to check for employee and customer data on private websites, black market sites, and more.

Most Small To Mid-Sized Businesses Will Not Recover From A Cyberattack.

How Vulnerable Is Your Network?