Covid Alert app on Android - It May Not Be Checking

25.11.20 11:48 AM By Scott Pettie

We have heard reports Android Covid Alert App being inconsistent on it checking for exposures and people not sure how to get it working again.

We just wanted to let everyone know the workaround at least until the actual developers fix it.

  1. Check and see if it's working at all: Go to Settings\Google\Covid-19 Exposure Notifications

  2. Press on Exposure Checks. You should see the Date on the last few checks. If nothing is within the last 24/48 hrs your app isn't updating properly. Here's your workaround

  3. once a day go to Settings\Apps\Covid Alert. Near the bottom corner choose Force Stop. Ignore the Error about this may cause errors and press "OK"

  4. Once you've closed the app, Choose the Open option from the bottom left to open the Covid Alert. Give a couple of minutes once it's open. The repeat Step #1 and Step #2. You should see today's date in the Last check message